About Us

ClientCare began under the creation and development of Fernando and Jennifer Gallardo, owners of Andaluz Waterbirth Center in Portland, Oregon in 2002. The software was originally developed for billing and client tracking purposes.

After over a decade of using ClientCare in a basic form at their three birth center locations, Jennifer began shopping for EHR systems. She found that every EHR option was lacking functions that were tailored to an out-of-hospital birth practice and a midwife’s needs. As many other practices have discovered, the very expensive EHR programs were no different than the free programs – they simply didn’t have the features set in place that worked well for midwifery. Jennifer and a few midwives in her community began to push Fernando, the creator of ClientCare, to expand the program to include electronic charting that is personalized for out-of-hospital birth practices and midwives.

Take a look at the benefits of ClientCare and you’ll recognize that the process and hard work that went into its creation really has brought a full-service, comprehensive midwifery practice management system into being. ClientCare has gone leaps and bounds beyond a simple EHR program – it effectively has changed the business side of many midwifery practices for the better. We feel confident that ClientCare will enhance your midwifery practice!