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ClientCare is coming to AABC!

ClientCare is coming to Arizona for the American Association of Birth Centers conference October 1st – 4th. Come by and visit Jennifer and Fernando at the ClientCare booth. We look forward to sharing some new features, answering questions and seeing many of you in person!


The Top Five Reasons to Stop Paper Charting and join the Electronic Health Record Movement

– For Midwives and Other Home and Birth Center Based Maternity Care Providers

Making the switch from paper charting to an EHR system can seem like a daunting change. As midwives, we’ve often favored the low-tech approach and we’re inclined to continue to use what is already working well for us. But the reasons to embrace electronic charting are too numerous to ignore.


1. Accuracy

Whether or not you type quickly, and regardless of whether you love your handwriting, there will always be errors in handwritten text. This can be frustrating in a handwritten chart as the only option is to put a line through the item and leave it there forever. But with electronic charting, until you’ve authenticated your entry, you are able to fix any spelling or other errors that you make in the moment. Students can practice making chart notes that their preceptor can review before saving. And templates can help to keep your charting organized and complete, while autofilling information that you would otherwise be constantly writing and re-writing. And then, of course, there is spell-check.

With an electronic health record, you have all of your clients information at your fingertips. You are able to see other aspects of the client’s chart without flipping through pages, easily verifying information as needed.

2. Productivity 

As if having an accurate and thorough chart didn’t do enough to boost productivity, built into the best of the EHR systems are prompts, templates and tools that track a client from their first call through their last visit, from scheduling to billing and including everything in between, such as: client reminders, client portal access (sign-up, client portal health history intake, client portal communication, online consent forms, and online educational forms), and prompts and spaces for everything you want to track.  Providers can also choose to increase their efficiency by having normal findings auto-fill in ways that they can customize, such as in a newborn exam.

3. Safety

EHR gives providers the ability to set alerts, such as that a mom is Rh-negative, to remotely review chart information when an urgent call comes from a client, to fax records straight from the computer in a consult, transfer or transport – any time, day or night, and to chart quickly in an emergency with charting tools designed specifically for home or birth center maternity care providers.

4. Decreased costs

EHR systems have been touted by many as a money-saving innovation in the health care industry. Money is saved not only through increased efficiency on behalf of staff and care providers, but also in the avoidance of billing errors. ClientCare billing software is included in our EHR, and you will be able to pull financial reports at the touch of a button, making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

5. Security

Paper charts are vulnerable. They can be destroyed or misplaced. Maternity care providers are responsible for maintaining records for their clients for at least ten years and their clients’ babies until they reach age 19. In an EHR, the information is safe and readily accessible. EHR developers have taken great care to ensure a secure space to save your client charts and information as it grows with your practice.

Using an EHR system is becoming increasingly standard. Fortunately, there are pioneering and experienced midwives doing home and birth center births who have been at the forefront of creating EHR software that supports and enhances your practice, with all of the features that are uniquely beneficial to home and birth center practices.

ClientCare EHR is a thorough, user-friendly system that holds your hand and takes care of all of your charting and practice management needs!

Midwife Schedule is Here!

Midwife Schedule - click to enlarge in a new window!

Midwife Schedule – click to enlarge in a new window!

Hello, all!

We have been quite busy working on a host of new functionalities for ClientCare. The Midwife Schedule is now online and capable of keeping track of all the appointments for your entire practice, even with multiple office locations. The schedule is versatile: several different viewing and orientation options including vertical, horizontal and also a really cool agenda view. You can “turn on or off” any provider’s schedule on the fly to zero in on just what you want to see.

One of the best things about the new Midwife Schedule is that you can link any appointment with an existing client! This translates to easy visibility within the client’s chart – see all past and upcoming appointments!  The Midwife Schedule can also send email reminders of the appointment to both the client and the assigned provider. Come join us for a free trial month so you can see for yourself the exciting new features we have added!

Ready to sign up?

We are creating accounts and signing people up! If you would like a one hour appointment to create an account and get started, please email me at with your phone number and I will call you to schedule a time to get you started. Every week I am reminded of the reasons electronic charting makes our practice more efficient and easier to manage. Recently I got a call from one of our midwives who had an emergency transport where all hands were on deck and no one had been available to chart during a critical incident. She was at the hospital and hadn’t taken her laptop computer. I pulled up the clients file and accurately charted everything that happened before and during the transport as the midwife dictated to me. I then faxed the hospital the records from my computer. Stress free charting and transfer of records for the midwives involved, as they had enough to deal with in making sure momma and baby were safe and well. I will never go back to paper! Join us!


Jennifer Gallardo, CPM, LDM

P.S. If doing what I did, please sign your record “transcribed by ______ as dictated by _______”.

New Release Date January 15th!

We have over 100 midwives and birth professionals ready to sign up and start using That is exciting! Our launch date has been moved to January 15th. We remain committed to releasing a polished and perfected browser based version EHR and have added people to the development team to continue full speed ahead on finishing for each of you. We know that many of you are ready to start charting! The web app is quite robust and there are a lot of features people have wanted to include, yet it is still very easy to use and navigate. If you have any question please email us at We look forward to serving each of you!

Tremendous Response at MANA 2013!

We are very excited that the interest shown at the MANA conference for the upcoming launch of was very positive. We had over 30 sign ups! We are putting the finishing touches on our browser based version in anticipation of our December 1st launch date. We hope that everyone will take ClientCare for a test drive and see for themselves how powerful, convenient and secure it is. If you are one of our sign ups from the conference, we will be sending you your log in information December 1st for your free three month trial. If you haven’t signed up yet, fill out our Contact Form so you can get a free month to try us out. We look forward to helping simplify midwives lives with fast and thorough charting as well as improved care and communication.

ClientCare: Browser based version release

The long-awaited release of ClientCare’s browser-based version is almost here! December 1, 2013 is our official release date for the practice management system that will change your midwifery practice.

We are so sure that you will love ClientCare that we are offering practices a free month trial with no obligation. Use our contact form to receive a registration email on the release date to sign up for your free trial month.

Special Conference Only Offer!

ClientCare will be sponsors at the following conferences. Stop by our booth and sign up to receive THREE FREE MONTHS of ClientCare’s browser-based version!

American Association of Birth Centers (AABC): September 26-29, 2013 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA): October 24-27, 2013 in Portland, Oregon

If you have any questions about the release or about this offer, please contact us.