Screenshots: Birth Centers

ClientCare offers birth centers a complete practice EHR, including these special features:

ClientCare Home Screen

ClientCare Home Screen – click to enlarge in new window

1 – Alerts & Reminders for specific midwives when they log in

2 – Clients that have been admitted to the birth center

3 – Recent babies been born in your practice

HomeScreen after discharge

Home Screen Discharge – click to enlarge in new window

4 – Easily see who has been discharged from the birth center

Admit Discharge Record

Admit/Discharge tab – click to enlarge in new window

Admit / Discharge tab in the collapsible toolbar:

1 – For practices with multiple birth centers, identify location

2 – Date / Time of Admit

3 – Reason for Admit and Reason for Discharge

4 – Midwife that admitted the client

5 – Admit / Discharge of Baby

Discharge Summary

Discharge Summary – click to enlarge in new window

Discharge Summary for Mother & Baby

1 – Easy to enter vitals and information given to parents

2 – Consistent alerts remind staff of specific needs during labor/birth/postpartum

3 РCreate your own SOAP note or note templates and apply directly to the yellow note field  by choosing the desired template from a dropdown menu

4 – Dropdown menus make it easy to clarify baby’s status and needs

5 – Mother and baby’s charts are printed separately

Insur Info & PreAuth

Insurance Info & PreAuthorization – click to enlarge in new window

Insurance Information & PreAuthorization needs – alerts staff of important information regarding length of postpartum stay in the birth center, insurance information, how to handle preauthorization requirements from an insurer.

1 – Insurance information pulled from the billing tab

2 – Specific phone numbers & allowed length of stay from Insurance Verification area

3 – Provider information should a preauthorization phone call need to be made