Select a product level that’s right for you

ClientCare offers affordable options for your midwifery practice that are based on the number of users. A “User” is a unique log-in to the system and may consist of providers, administrative staff or billing staff. The pricing includes unlimited clients, access to all modules and round-the-clock, accessible technical support that is friendly and knowledgeable. Most practices will find ClientCare affordable for small midwifery practice and a huge money saver for large practices of 20 or more users. It is a valuable, cost-effective business decision!

We are creating accounts and signing people up! If you would like a one hour appointment to create an account and get started, please email us at let us know how you would like us to contact you. We would love to schedule a time to help get you started.

We have a free one-month, no obligation trial where you and your midwives can have full access to really see what Clientcare is all about.

Our simplified pricing structure allows you to select the correct number of users you need to effectively manage your business.

Base Plan

1 user

$39 Monthly

Each Additional User

$20 Monthly

Add users easily whenever you need them right from your account.

If you want to start managing your birth practice effectively and efficiently then get started now.